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CARFAC Annual Report

2021 – 2022

Regina Leader Post

June 24, 2021

“I arrived in Canada as a refugee 30 years ago and I still feel like I’m catching up on time lost”

CBC Saskatchewan | First Person

May 25, 2021

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“The concept of time lost is familiar to many of us, especially with the pandemic: it is the time when our lives get off course. We envision an ideal life for ourselves and make plans. However, fate deals us new realities — whether we like them or not — and we can only do our best to live through them with dignity, and never give up.

I have experienced many hardships. I grew up during the Vietnam War, witnessed the communist takeover, and lived for many years as a refugee and immigrant. Often not knowing what the future would bring, I tried my best and always had hope for a better tomorrow.

I am finally where I want to be, doing the things I wanted to do. But I often look back at my troubled past, and I feel that I am racing, trying to make up for lost time.”

Art Gallery of Regina | Facebook Post

April 4, 2018

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“This year’s Salon Show and Sale shows a real trend for florals done in diverse ways like Mai Ly’s incredible watercolour wild roses on canvas (pictured below). Be sure to come by the Show and Sale, where all work is for sale and your purchase supports artists and the gallery!”